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20011110b loughrigg.jpg (149727 bytes) 20011110c lowsweden.jpg (145288 bytes) 20011110d mist.jpg (147618 bytes) 20011110f highpike.jpg (217352 bytes)
The path out of Ambleside with Loughrigg in the background Scandale Beck from Low Sweden Bridge Swirling mist over Ambleside High Pike from Low Pike
20011110g littlehart.jpg (151814 bytes) 20011110i mist.jpg (146329 bytes) 20011110j highpikeridge.jpg (146040 bytes)
Little Hart Crag seen up Scandale from Low Pike Descending from Low Pike Mist around Loughrigg Looking back from near High Pike
20011110m littlehart.jpg (149972 bytes) 20011110n stsunday.jpg (149252 bytes) 20011110o dovecrag.jpg (147463 bytes) 20011110p brotherswater.jpg (148928 bytes)
Nearing Little Hart Crag St Sunday Crag The cliff face on Dove Crag Brotherswater
20011110r redscrees.jpg (151015 bytes) 20011110s littlehart.jpg (149426 bytes) 20011110t icphonehome.jpg (149314 bytes) 20011110u scandale.jpg (150004 bytes)
Red Screes Little Hart Crag summit with St Sunday behind IC phone home! Scandale with Low Pike on the right
20011110v highpike.jpg (146951 bytes) 20011110x highsweden.jpg (155847 bytes) 20011110y dennis.jpg (145285 bytes) 20011110z scandale.jpg (150775 bytes)
High Pike from Scandale bottom High Sweden bridge Dennis Scandale in rerospect

Read about the walk



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