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Walking Links



Here are links to some personal web sites on walking and mountains

Mad about Mountains

Ann Bowker's lovely site based on Keswick. Helpful descriptions of the Marilyns and lots of miscellaneous information on mountains. Good set of links, including the source of my peak-bagger notes (analyse the differences and youíll detect my prejudices). BUT the piece-de-resistance is the set of photographs of Ann's walks which are posted fresh almost daily.


John Dawson on the Lake District 

More wonderful photographs with interesting route descriptions. Even the visitorsí book is a joy to read. 


Bowfep.jpg (20717 bytes)

Dave's Lakeland Mountains

Dave Newton, travelling hopefully, in pursuit of all the Wainwrights. There's a nice set of photos developing on the site.

The thumbnail features Dave's dog, Megan, studying cloud inversion in the Kirkstone Pass.


middle_dodd.jpg (32030 bytes)

Kennedy, Paul

How to do the Wainwrights in a year. He must be a schoolteacher or live in Lancaster to have such access to the Lakeland hills.


Ann and John Nuttall

Even though I've decided to pursue the Hewitt list in preference to the Nuttalls, I treasure their two volumes on the mountains of England and Wales. I had these as a birthday present and, with them, I can lose myself in the hills without leaving the front room. They have lots tips on how to get the most out of your time on the hills (eg very handy, if obscure, car parking)


Walking Britain

This is run by Lou Johnson who seems to live in Stafford like me. But we don't know each other. Good on less popular walking areas. Presentationally it's very slick. There was a time when I found the photographs are a little disappointing but they've been getting better.

Make sure you get yourself on the mailing list for Lou's weekly newsletter.

A similar but less well-developed site is


Wilderness Wales

I love this site. My mates and I are always arguing about whether to walk in the Lake District or in Wales. I am usually in a minority of one wanting to do the latter. Now there are quite a few good photographic sites on the Lakes but this was the first I found on Wales. Paul Saunders runs it and he has including some interesting "walking by numbers" material on the Welsh peaks together with the chance to vote for your most loved and most hated tops.

Click oh the thumbnail for Paul's shot taken on one of the best valley walks in Britain; the Ystradfellte waterfalls walk just south of Brecon. 


segf75.jpg (96634 bytes)

Walks in Northern England

Another site which has good coverage of the rest of England apart from the Lake District


Walks in Yorkshire

Ah, God's own country. Nicely organised site with lots of general information on equipment, map-reading, safety as well as a good quiz.


Three Men on a Dyke

Kevin O'Shea's description of an expedition on Offa's Dyke, written in the style of Jerome K. Jerome. It's a joy, much enhanced by the music of Mike Oldfield (It's just got to be from "Hergest Ridge")


A Digital Tour of the Mountains

Looks of odds and ends on mountains. I particularly like the quiz.


Mountain Art

Not exactly a walking site. It is paintings of the hills, including Tryfan and, more surprisingly, the elegant Mount Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies. The artist is Anthony Cain.


Best Walks

Roger Seedhouse's walking books based on Staffordshire and Shropshire


Ordnance Survey

The creators of the best maps in the Western spiral arm of the galaxy.

Until recently I have had a gripe with the OS. They were very slow in publishing the new Explorer series of maps covering Staffordshire. They've put this right now.

They have also added the Get-a-Map feature to their web site. This is great for tracking down those unknown hills on your lists (especially Marilyns).......provided that your list includes the map reference.

Or if you are into historic maps, try Old Maps. You can get one for your home area.



More on-line maps. In some ways these are more useful than the OS ones as they are a better scale. You can insert links to them into other websites.


Ramblersí Association  

I have a love-hate relationship with the RA. I recognise the work they do in  maintaining the footpath network and fighting for access (support their campaign for statutory access to open land). However I donít like the way they look down on rambling groups other than RA branches, even though, like Stafford Ramblers, they might be affiliated.


UK Weather

Self-explanatory really. The Met Office's site.


The Woodland Trust

Information on the Trust's woodlands that are open to the public. I have had the aim of organising a walk where we can take in a wood and have lunch there. However on 4 Feb 2001 I found one of their woodlands by accident on a walk; it was the Wilderness near Kinver. The photo is the evidence.


The Interactive Footpath

An on-line course on access to the countryside and footpath legislation. It takes about 3 hours to work through it all but you can work through in easier chunks. It's very informative.


Peakware World Mountain Encyclopaedia

Your chance to add your name to the summit log for your favourite mountain. If it's not there, you can set up the log


For lots of other links, look at this web ring

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I  try  to ensure that the information provided on this Web is accurate, barring the odd bit of petty slander. If you find anything that is not accurate (or, if you would like me to add a link to your site)  please let me know so that I can update it. However, I will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies nor for any use to which the information may be put.