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The Long Mynd


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20011104a bridges.jpg (145728 bytes) 20011104c darnford.jpg (144215 bytes) 20011104d darnford.jpg (144344 bytes) 20011104e ratlinghope.jpg (144556 bytes)
The sun on East Onny stream at Bridges Two shots along the Shropshire Way as it winds its way along the valley made by Darnford Brook Looking back at Ratlinghope Hill from Golden Valley
20011104f ratlinghope.jpg (146634 bytes) 20011104g stiperstones.jpg (150701 bytes) 20011104h brownclee.jpg (149740 bytes) 20011104i corndon.jpg (147200 bytes)
Slightly further up Golden Valley The Stiperstones came into view as we reached the top of Golden Valley  Brown Clee from the top of the Long Mynd ridge Corndon Hill (just in Wales)
20011104k polebank.jpg (151743 bytes) 20011104l stanbatch.jpg (145239 bytes) 20011104m stanbatch.jpg (146987 bytes) 20011104n adstone.jpg (148334 bytes)
A windswept Beryl on Pole Bank Stanbatch Valley with another view of Corndon Further down Stanbatch Looking along Adstone Hill as the gloom gathers

Read about the walk


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