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19 August


The plan for the first part of the day was to catch the double cable car from next door to the hotel up to the top of the Penken hill and then walk along the ridge to Wangelspitze. This we achieved. The cable car ride was fun especially as it hangs up so high off the ground. The walk however was a big disappointment because the hill has been ravaged for the skiiers.

Question: why is skiing like golf.

Answer: they are both a good walk spoilt (although not in the same way)

I'd been expecting this as far as the top of the ski lift from Finkenberg but I'd not foreseen the damage being done to Wanglespitze. The problem is that they are putting in a new ski lift and much the hill is  a building; unfortunately this includes the summit. A great shame this as the one unspoilt section is really lovely hinting at what has been thrown away. A reminder of the old John Denver song; "they tried to tear the mountains down and bring in a couple more/More people, more scars upon the land"

We carried on to the far side of Wangelspitze but were so dispirited that we dropped plans to continue along the ridge. Instead I found a nice path that contoured back around the building site and we returned to the Finkenberg chair lift.

This was plan B. To walk back from Finkenberg down its gorge to Mayrhofen. This was nearly spoilt by rain but this proved short lived. It happened whilst we were at the Devils Bridge, a typical covered Tyrolean bridge across the gorge. It was a good spot to shelter.

The walk back was lovely although the gorge was too deep for good photos. In many ways the path was very like an English one (if you didn't pay to much attention to the buildings!!)

20010819a kristallner .jpg (147201 bytes) 20010819b wangelspitze.jpg (149849 bytes) 20010819c hintertux.jpg (149424 bytes)
The Kristallner range across Tuxertal Wangelspitze The Hintertux glaciers in the distance
20010819d tristner.jpg (148758 bytes) 20010819e rostkogel.jpg (145463 bytes) 20010819f shrine.jpg (149908 bytes)
The Tristener range and a hint of the lake in Stilluptal - very hazy Rostkogel from Wangelspitze A typical Austrian shrine in a particularly lovely spot
20010819g penkenridge.jpg (148888 bytes) 20010819h devilsbridge.jpg (145162 bytes) 20010819i devilsbridge.jpg (144485 bytes)
Looking back along the Penken ridge The Devil's Bridge The Devil's Bridge
20010819j glockechurch.jpg (144884 bytes) 20010819k finkenberggorge.jpg (144237 bytes) 20010819l zemmbridge.jpg (163432 bytes)
New church at Glocke An inadequate shot of the gorge Another covered bridge on the Zemm
20010819m ziller.jpg (146625 bytes)


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