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17 August


We went with he Thomsons walking guide< Calvin, and six others to the Hintertux glaciers. In some ways this is quite similar to Tiefenbach; there is summer skiing and the cable car system (4 stages) goes to over 3200m. However we walked from the bottom.

There is a waterfall there and a steep climb for half an hour or so. Calvin kept stopping to show us sections of the river used for canyoning. We actually saw one group about to set off but though we waited they disobligingly refused to jump in.

There was a meadow section and then a final pull up to the top of the first cable car. We'd climbed about 2000 ft. The plan was to allow people to go up the full gondola if they wished but the weather turned bad at this point. We thought it would be a disappointment after Tiefenbach and didn't go. Instead we caught the cable down and then returned part way back down the Tux valley to Lannersbach. We got off there and walked a section of the valley. The path was signposted to Finkenberg and we thought about walking there. The problem was that we'd get back a bit late. However our minds were made up for us when the path descended down the valley side to the road emerging by a bus stop. Given the option option between climbing back up or waiting 10 minutes for the bus, we went for the latter.

20010817a hintertux.jpg (323126 bytes) 20010817b hintertuxcanyon.jpg (333902 bytes) 20010817c hintertuxcanyon.jpg (361375 bytes)
Lower waterfall Canyon view 1 Canyon view 2
20010817d hintertuxfalls.jpg (266688 bytes) 20010817f tuxertal.jpg (146629 bytes)
Upper waterfalls Lower down the Tux valley  


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