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14 August


Our last full day in Obergurgl and the weather was lovely. We set off up the Ramolsweg (past some early morning marmots) with the vague thought of going to the Ramolshaus. This was not a good idea; there were a lot of people on the path and there was an element of a race about it all. The weather made this very silly. 

So we took a path off near the Kuppelhutte, a disused house, and even though it meant a steeper climb to begin with we soon got to the high meadows of the Seenplatte. There were very few people about and it was really lovely and peaceful up there. Whilst we were having lunch, we were looking down on a hovering kestrel; the sight was a bit special.

The climb back down is a bit fierce; I was glad we'd done it this way round.

20010814a marmot.jpg (146699 bytes) 20010814b kuppelehutte.jpg (143745 bytes) 20010814c hangerer.jpg (146390 bytes)
Spot the marmot? The Kuppelehutte Hangerer yet again across the valley
20010814d gurglerglaciers.jpg (145949 bytes) 20010814e seenplatte.jpg (344262 bytes) 20010814f stamp.jpg (143889 bytes)
The Hohe Mut and glaciers beyond Waterfall on the Seenplatte Where you get your card stamped
20010814g beryl.jpg (146017 bytes) 20010814h hohemut.jpg (148010 bytes)
Flying feet Last shot of the Hohe Mut and Hangerer   



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