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12 August


I'd noticed that there were a couple of paths that came out right by our hotel and so planned out a walk using both of these. The start wasn't too good as we climbed very steeply and the apth wa pretty scruffy - it looked like a ski piste. However  about 1000ft up it levelled out and became a proper path; the walk got much better for it.

We went into the Ferwall valley; this runs parallel top the Gaisbach and Rotmoos and again ends in glaciers. However there was hardly anyone about. We saw just a couple of people in the distance on the valley bottom path. We had taken the alternative which rises eventually to the Italian border. The paln was to see how far we got - partly cos Beryl had been suffering iwth a headcold and wasn't fully fit. The col is just over 2900m and and I got into the last bowl below it; there was about 200-300 ft of cimb to go; however Beryl had decided it was beyond her and whilst she said that she didn't mind me going on a bit further I had decided that I would turn back at a certain time and I did (even though there was the prospect of a stamp up there)

We saw two more marmots up there. One wandered slowly across the path and was very clearly visible. The other was further away but I'm not sure whether it had seen us; it was just playing on the rocks.

Back the way we had come to the mouth of the valley and then we climbe out off to the right and walked across high, peaceful meadows towards Hochgurgl. Two more marmots there - we were getting good at this. We then picked up the main path from Obergurgl to Hochgurgl and returned along it. It was getting very hot by this time and we welcomed the shade of the pine trees. This path is part of the Utztaler Jungschutzweg: this is a path of nearly 50 miles right up the Oetz valley to the Ramolshaus: I'm not sure of the translition but it sunds like a a challenge hike for the young people of the valley. It's certainly a big walk.

I was surprised that I'd taken so few photos; they are all of Ferwalltal

20010812a ferwalltal.jpg (143339 bytes) 20010812b ferwalltal.jpg (144107 bytes) 20010812c ferwalltal.jpg (141339 bytes)


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