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If you have studied this site in any detail, you'll have realised that I'm a total anorak. Does quizzes, keeps lists of trivia.

Actually I haven't hitherto confessed my worst vice which is the Pub Names list; a record of pubs I have passed - not even drank in - containing nearly 3000 different names!!

Well here is a bit of the same. I'm fascinated by waymark logos. There are the boring old yellow and blue arrows. Then there are the County Council badges, reflecting the fact that they are the footpath authorities. The best are the ones for signed trails. I've decided to keep a photographic record of these.

There aren't many as I start this page (Feb 2001) but watch it grow. If it works I might even start similar pages on stiles and footbridges!!

Staffordshire Waymarks

20010211d_scclogo.jpg (147051 bytes)

20010211h_scclogo.jpg (154387 bytes) 20010218h_moorlandswalk.jpg (163928 bytes) 20010715g staffssign.jpg (153310 bytes) 20010922b staffsmark.jpg (143455 bytes)

Staffordshire Footpaths

20010204h_staffsway.jpg (141489 bytes) 20010513j staffsway.jpg (143183 bytes) 20010508_stmillen.jpg (142017 bytes) 20010617m dvw.jpg (143069 bytes) 20020214n mvwaymark.jpg (145465 bytes)
Staffordshire Way Staffordshire Way (Cannock Chase) Staffs Millennium Way Dane Valley Way Manifold Valley Circular Walk
20010211j_bluewalk.jpg (143944 bytes) 20010211m_redwalk.jpg (141561 bytes) 20010211n_greenwalk.jpg (148041 bytes) 20010923a norburyway.jpg (141373 bytes)
The Hanbury Walks - blue, red and green routes Norbury Millennium Boulder Path

Shropshire Waymarks and Footpath Badges

20010610a waymark.jpg (145668 bytes) 20011104b shropway.jpg (146202 bytes) 20011104j jmitton.jpg (157821 bytes) 20020331f wildedric.jpg (148004 bytes) 20010127a wenlockedgelogos.jpg (146080 bytes)
Shropshire CC  Shropshire Way Jack Mitton's Way (this is more for riders than walkers) Wild Edric's Way Wenlock Edge Trails

Other Counties

20020414c gloucestershire.jpg (153428 bytes) 20010722c hwsign.jpg (149003 bytes) 20010722k worcsign.jpg (145166 bytes) 20011023k clwyd.jpg (169725 bytes) 20020526h herefordshire.jpg (158281 bytes)
Gloucestershire Hereford & Worcester* Hereford & Worcester* Clwyd * Hereforshire

* These counties are now defunct because of local government reorganisation in the 1990s

Long Distance Paths

20010513k hoeway.jpg (145206 bytes) 20010610c waymark.jpg (154037 bytes) 20010722j worcsway.jpg (149854 bytes) 20011028h nworcsway.jpg (146623 bytes) 20020413b wychavon.jpg (149833 bytes)
Heart of England Way The Monarch's Way Worcestershire Way The North Worcestershire Way Wychavon Way
20020412a cotswold.jpg (161734 bytes) 20020414b gloucesterway.jpg (149592 bytes) 20020412c tewkesbury.jpg (154767 bytes) 20020414a crickleyhill.jpg (145299 bytes) 20011021a vikingway.jpg (158396 bytes)
Cotswold Way A very bad photo of the Gloucestershire Way Tewkesbury walks Crickley Hill country park walks The Viking Way
20011111a waymarks.jpg (146449 bytes) 20010113f limestoneway.jpg (152930 bytes) 20020526a mortimer.jpg (155775 bytes)
A double waymark The Limestone Way Mortimer's Trail

Some West Country Paths

20010222a_quantocks.jpg (146850 bytes)

20010223g_coastpath.jpg (149252 bytes) 20010224i_macmillan.jpg (147570 bytes)
Quantock Hills South West Coastal Path Macmillan Way    

Wakefield Waymarks

20010526a wakefieldwalks.jpg (148192 bytes) 20010526d transpennine.jpg (147568 bytes)
Wakefield City Transpennine Trail      

 Teach yourself Welsh (Dewch y ddysgu Cymraeg)

20010529b waymark.jpg (151713 bytes) 20010602c waymark.jpg (146348 bytes) 20010630m welshwaymark.jpg (155945 bytes) 20011117a dogmark.jpg (148094 bytes)
Snowdonia Nat Park Forest Enterprise Access Land off Maesglase Fierce-looking dog  


20010527a severntrent.jpg (144116 bytes) 20010617k waymark.jpg (143826 bytes) 20010617i waymark.jpg (155892 bytes) 20010701b concesspath.jpg (142502 bytes) 20011028d forestmark.jpg (148360 bytes)
Severn Trent - Upper Derwent Way Peak National Park footpaths Peak National Park concessionary paths Concessionary Path - on the Wrekin  A welcome from the Forestry Commission
20010708c bikesign.jpg (142911 bytes) 20010715h bikesign.jpg (141943 bytes) 20010715a dogsign.jpg (152924 bytes) 20020412e engheritage.jpg (140840 bytes) 20011028g_bridleway.jpg (258983 bytes)
Mountain bikes - the curse of Cannock Chase A more appropriate approach to bikes........ ...........and to dogs!! English Heritage A colourful Worcestershire sign
20020214e nattrust waymark.jpg (146994 bytes) 20020217b MAFF.jpg (149133 bytes)
National Trust MAFF

Whatever are these about

20011013b hidden.jpg (141538 bytes) 20020428i waymark.jpg (162751 bytes)


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