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16 August


A slightly late start as we went to the Thomsons welcome meeting. We took the Ahorn cable car and had a wander around on top. There is a big walk to the top of the Ahornspitze but this is far too demanding for us. Instead we climbed the tourist route to the Filzenkogel. This is actually the start of a ridge, the Filzenschneid, which curls round to the Ahornspitze and I thought that we should just see how far along it we could. However I think that Beryl was disconcerted by the warning signs saying that there were no marked paths and it was for experienced walkers only. I thought we fitted the bill but I don't think that Beryl was convinced about my translation. She got up the next bump, didn't like the descent and became really worried by the next section and stopped. I was permitted to do one more bump and then we both turned back. A same because much of it looked very doable. Instead we had a drink/sunbathe at one of the many huts up there.

20010816a ahornspitze.jpg (148169 bytes) 20010816b tristnerberyl.jpg (150431 bytes) 20010816c filzenkogel.jpg (152795 bytes)
Filzenkogel to the right with Ahornspitze in the distance Looking across Stilluptal to the Tristner range The top of the Filzenkogel
20010816d ahornspitze.jpg (146145 bytes) 20010816g filzenschneid.jpg (315578 bytes) 20010816h filzenschneid.jpg (149290 bytes)
The Ahornspitze with the Filzenschneid ridge to the right Filzenschneid View 1 Filzenschneid View 2
20010816i mountains.jpg (147058 bytes)
Distant peaks, a little hazy    

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