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18 August


A similar day to yesterday. A bus ride to the top of one of the valleys, a 2000 ft climb, rain and getting short the walk.

We went to the top of the Ziller valley; this is known as the Zillergrund. In the Tyrol dialect, "grund" does not mean "ground"; it refers to the upper section of a river valley, usually above the hanging section. The drive up was lovely and the day was really promising. The top of the valley is dammed and the dam wall was absolutely enormous. The lake behind it is called the Speicher Zillergrundl.

Our first objective was a mountain hut, the Plauenhutte. The climb was steady and broken only by a meadow below a massive ampitheatre of rock with several big waterfalls coming over the ledge; it's very impressive. More climbing to the hut and as we did so the weather turned. The cloud rolled into the valley, it grew cold and it started to rain. We took shelter in the hut - as did everyone else.

I had intended to take the contour path to the far end of the lake and then return to the dam in the valley bottom. However this did not promise to be good and we returned more-or-less the way we'd gone up. There were a couple of points where there were alternative paths and we took those.

Of course as soon as we were back on the bus the sun came out again.

20010818a speicher zillergrundl.jpg (152944 bytes) 20010818b speicher zillergrundl.jpg (150826 bytes) 20010818d reichenspitze.jpg (145677 bytes)
The lake looking up the valley The lake looking down the valley, with some idea of the size of the dam The ampitheatre below the Reichenspitze range


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