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13 August


A glorious day; lots of reward without a lot of effort.

We went off on a coach trip to the Rittenbach and Tiefenbach; these are at the top of a side valley rising from Solden. We took the gondola to the top of the Tiefenbach which is 3250m high; we went up with the summer skiers and snowboarders. It was a glorious day with perfect visibility we could see the Dolomites and beyond. But the jewel in the crown was the Wildspitze, Austria's second highest mountain at over 3700m

20010813a stubai.jpg (147057 bytes) 20010813b wildspitz.jpg (149080 bytes) 20010813c tiefenbachview.jpg (145706 bytes)
The Stubai Alps across Oetztal from Rittenbach Wildspitze More from the top of the Tiefenbach
20010813d beryltiefenbach.jpg (279478 bytes)    
In on the act again!!    

Back at the bottom again we walked with Mary, Ray and Brian along the Panoramaweg to Vent. This is really easy with a gradual 1000m of descent and we had time to chat to others along the way - well actually Brian wanted to walk quickly but the rest of us were too strong-minded to have anything to do with this. We took 3.5 hours, allowing for a picnic and still at time for a beer at vent before catching the coach. Here is a collection of shots along the way. The final pointed hill which is behind Vent is the Talleitspitze.

20010813e panoramaweg.jpg (146167 bytes) 20010813f panoramaweg.jpg (149574 bytes) 20010813g panoramaweg.jpg (349432 bytes)
20010813g ventvalley.jpg (143749 bytes) 20010813h vent valley.jpg (147039 bytes) 20010813i panoramaweg.jpg (145522 bytes)
20010813j stream.jpg (148219 bytes) 20010813k panoramaweg.jpg (146187 bytes) 20010813l panoramaweg.jpg (146304 bytes)
20010813m talleitsptize.jpg (147693 bytes) 20010813n talleitspitze.jpg (150000 bytes)


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